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I have moved/switched Institutions or organisations and want to access my existing datasets and storage

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If you now have a new username and password after moving Institutions or organisations and require access to your previous or existing datasets, storage, information or preferences (e.g. CloudStor), please contact your local Service Desk who will arrange for the Service Provider (SP) Administrator or Identity Provider (IdP) Administrator to instigate moving of the SharedToken to the new institution.

Usually transferring data etc is possible for most services, however in some cases it is not feasible (e.g. Nectar Research Cloud). The SP will be able to advise on the possibility of this.

The most common example is when a research staff member leaves one university and another but still needs to (and is authorised to) access data, computing grids, instruments, or services they used previously. The auEduPersonSharedToken is the unique, persistent identifier that tells these services it’s the same person as before. It’s also possible for one person to be working at more then one university at the same time and to use the same auEduPersonSharedToken at both. The request would need to be initiated by the user, as they would be the only one to know they had joined a new university. It would involve an administrative verification process between the two universities which could simply be paper based.

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