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Become an Identity Enhancement (IdE) provider to enable users as researchers

by Dalia Abraham Follow

To enable the enhancement of existing institutional user identities as ‘researchers’, an IdE provider will need to be setup. An IdE provider is a research service provider that wishes to identify certain AAF users as researchers.


To apply for IdE provider access, a request needs to be sent to AAF Support ( ) containing the following information:

Name: The descriptive name of the provider (your organisation or research project)

Identifier: The identifier to use when specifying that this provider granted an attribute (e.g. AAF – shortened name)

Description: This required field is to give more detail about the provider, and what they do.


When an application is successful, AAF Support will do the initial set up of the provider and IdE will send a confirmation email inviting providers to AAF Identity Enhancement. IdE can then be accessed at

AAF Support will assign new providers the privilege to assign enhancements (attributes) to AAF Authenticated Subjects (users).

All new providers will need to assign user/s to their administrator role. This administrator will then be able to assign roles to other users associated with the provider.

For more detailed information about roles, go to the AAF Wiki.

 Add users to IdE (Identity Enhancement)

Once an IdE provider has been setup, administrators can then assign roles to other users associated with that provider.

For a provider to assign a role, an administrator will need to use IdE’s web interface ( The administrator can assign roles to a user by viewing the Members of a Role, and selecting the + Add Subject option.

For more detailed information about roles, go to the AAF Wiki

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