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How to technically join the Australian Access Federation

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There are several steps to getting your Service registered in the AAF and thus your service metadata included in metadata.

Step 1 - Register your Organization in the Federation Registry


For TESTING: Go to

Select "Register New Organization" and follow the prompts.

Step 2 - Wait for Organization to be approved.

You will receive several emails in this step, included will be

Step 3 - Register your Service in the Federation Registry


For TESTING: Go to

Select "Register new Service Provider" and follow the prompts.

Step 4 - Wait for the Service Provider to be approved.

Again you will receive an email in this step,

  • Notification of Approve of the new Service Provider. The email will include a link which you can follow to become the Service Provider administrator.

Step 5 - Test your service.

Approximately 30 minutes after the Service Provider has been approved the SP Metadata will appear in the federation Metadata. It will take a little longer for the Metadata to be consumed by Identity providers, allow up to 24 hours for all IdPs to refresh their metadata.

You can use your AAF VHO account to perform initial testing of your service.

Step 6 - Announcing you service to the AAF

The AAF can assist you announcing your service, or if you have specific customers you would want to notify them through your own channels.

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