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How to create a Service Provider?

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The AAF supports both a manual and an automated process for setting up a Service Provider.

Manual Process

The Service Provider Install Guide on the AAF technical wiki explains step by step how to install a Shibboleth Service Provider and integrate it in to the federation.  We recommend the manual installation process for service administrators who want to understand how a Shibboleth service provider works on a more technical level and/or for service administrators who want greater control over the way their Shibboleth Service Provider is configured.

Automated Process

The AAF also provides a tool called AASC (AAF Automated Software Configurator), which automates the installation and simple configuration of a Shibboleth Service Provider.  AASC reduces the time to install and deploy a Shibboleth Service Provider to just minutes.  AAF recommends AASC for service administrators who want to set up a fairly basic Service Provider as quickly as possible, for testing or investigating the technology.  AAF also recommends AASC for service administrators who are familiar with how a Shibboleth Service Provider works and just want to get up and running quickly, particularly when they need to set up multiple service provider instances.

NOTE: AASC assumes you are installing a brand new service provider and will overwrite existing configurations.  We do not recommend you run AASC against a service provider that has already been configured.

In addition to the above, the AAF also runs training sessions and workshops for service provider administrators who are looking to increase their knowledge and skills related to supporting services that integrate Shibboleth Service Providers into the Australia Access Federation.

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