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IdP wont start

by Dean Nottingham Follow

Symptom: A new IDP install was commission and deployed into a Tomcat server instance but it fails to start

Errors [idp-process.log]:

12:03:22.303 - ERROR [org..opensaml.xml.Configuration:244] -
OpenSAML requires an xml parser that supports JAXP 1.3 and DOM3.
The JVM is currently configured to use the Sun XML parser, which is known
to be buggy and can not be used with OpenSAML.  Please endorse a functional
JAXP library(ies) such as Xerces and Xalan.  For instructions on how to endorse
a new parser see

Cause: Required endorsed libraries have not been successfully deployed

Endorse Xerces and Xalan by creating the directory $TOMCAT_HOME/endorsed and copy the .jar files included in the shibboleth IDP distribution endorsed directory into the newly created directory.

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