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Can ORCID help academics with their past/previous papers. If they create an ORCID, will it link to their existing records in e.g Scopus

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Researchers with a registered ORCID ID are able to update their ORCID record with both prior and current research works. There are a few ways researchers can add works to the registry:

  1. Login to your ORCID record at
  2. Go to the Add Works section 
  3. To link records it is recommended that works are added from one of ORCID's member databases
  4. Select Search & Link button to see a list of databases from which works can be added
  5. Two databases are recommended for adding all existing publications these are Scopus and Europe PubMed Central. Crossref is also useful for publications with DOIs.

Go to:  Link Works: Website User 

  1. Users can also choose, Add Manually to enter information about the work directly. Go to: Manually add works: Website User 


If a researchers publications are on a system that does not have a connection with ORCID (e.g. Google Scholar, Endnote), they can export those publications as a BibTeX file and then select Import BibTeX to load them to their record. Go to: Import Works from BibTeX Files: Website User 

Note: Endnote requires a special filter for this. KAUST has one available here:

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