Removal of port 8443 for IdPs - Steps undertaken by the AAF

The AAF wishes to advise our subscribers of a deprecation in the recommended configuration for Identity Providers operating within the AAF and/or within eduGAIN. This change will assist in ensuring the longer term security of your Identity Provider.

Steps undertaken by the AAF

The AAF have undertaken the following activities with regards to removal of the backchannel(port 8443).

  • The AAF management tool, Federation Registry, has been modified so that it will no longer create endpoints that use the 8443 port by default.
  • The AAF VHO has had these endpoints disabled for over 3 months. No incidents have been logged with our support team regarding this change within that time period.
  • The AAF cloud hosted Identity Provider solution, Rapid IdP, has been operating with the newly recommended configuration since inception, again without incident.

The AAF support team is ready to answer any questions and assist with resolving any issues resulting from these recommended changes. Contact support@aaf.edu.au.

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