If you are having an issue access third party service and applications, it may be due to an issue with attributes such as your name, email address or identification particulars which are released during authentication to third party services.


If you have an institutional credentials which are not able to be authentication for a service that you should have access too or that you have previously accessed this may be an attribute issue. 


If you are trying to access a service and you receive an error, it might be because the attributes released from your organisation's Identity Provider are incorrect. The Australian Access Federation has developed a validation tool called the AAF Attribute Validator, which allows you to see a snapshot of your current institutional login credentials and the attributes which are attached to your login. The Validator will give you a list of your current attributes as well as potential issues or missing information. 

The best way to diagnose a potential issue with your attributes, you can log into the validator through the links below, download a PDF version of your attributes which can be sent to you identity provider or institutional administrator for further troubleshooting. If you encounter errors when logging into the Attribute Validator, please keep a record of any information and provide this to your administrator or the AAF support staff.

This can also be used by Service Providers for testing purposes. 

Sample of the Validator:


Production Attribute Validator : https://validator.aaf.edu.au/

Test Attribute Validator : https://validator.test.aaf.edu.au/