Approving additional service(s) for existing organisations within the Federation.


  • Organisation is already an approved subscriber or member of the federation.
  • Organisation administrators are current

Organisation administrator is aware of the new Service Registration.


SAML Services

      Test Federation
  1. Organisation administrators are advised of new services but are not part of the approval workflow.
  2. The AAF checks a number of aspects of the new service
  3. The AAF generally approves within one business day.

        Production Federation 
  1. Approvals generally take 1-2 business days once all requirements have been met.
  2. An organisations subscription must allow for the additional services that it is seeking approval for otherwise adjustments may need to be made to the subscription before any approvals are made.
  3. Secure endpoints must be used eg. https.
  4. All certificates must be sent to the AAF (Completed during setup process)

Rapid Connect services

If you require a faster turnaround time, or the approval is not completed with 2 business day, please email support@aaf.edu.au and we would be happy to accommodate your request.


Your service is registered. It will take about two hours for the Service Metadata to pass around the federation.


  1. List of tools for testing purposes: https://aaf.edu.au/services/tools.html

  2. An overview of who can subscribe to the AAF: https://aaf.edu.au/subscribe/who.html

  3. Our Tech Resources: https://aaf.edu.au/support/resources.html