An outline the approval time for services within the Federation. Approval is dependent on whether:

  • the organisational is already an approved subscriber or member of the Federation, and 

  • the organisation’s administrators are current.


Test Federation

  1. The organisation’s administrators are advised of new services but are not part of the approval workflow.

  2. The AAF reviews several aspects of the new service.

  3. The AAF generally approves within one business day.

Production Federation

  1. The new service is within the limits of an organisation’s subscription plan, otherwise the subscription must be adjusted before any approval is made.

  2. HTTPS secures all service end-points.

  3. All Shibboleth public certificates must be sent to the AAF during the setup and registration process.

  4. Approvals generally take one to two business days once all requirements have been met.


If a faster turnaround time is necessary, or the approval is not complete with two business day, email to accommodate the registration request.


Once a service is approved, allow approximately two hours for the updated federation metadata to propagate to identity providers (IdPs).



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