The AAF Virtual Home (VH) is a special Identity Provider service run by the AAF on behalf of subscriber organisations. The VH service facilitates and enables collaboration with industry partners by granting and managing those user identities centrally. These identities enable access to research and education resources normally only accessible via the AAF or eduGAIN service. 


Subscriber organisations are entitled to manage user accounts for those people who have an indirect association with an organisation and who are not already considered staff, student or alumni. These affiliates are those who have an indirect association with a subscriber and often include industry or government individuals. The subscribing organisation is ultimately responsible for the identity proofing, validity and currency of the users it registers within VH. When an organisation becomes an AAF subscriber, they are granted access to the AAF VH Dashboard for their organisation.

The AAF VH provides the following functionality for administrators and users


  • To create and manage groups.
  • To create and manage users, including contact details, affiliations, shared tokens and access levels.
  • To update and reset user passwords.
  • To create and manage VH institutional administrators and their details.

End Users

  • To manage/update their password.
  • To manage/update their mobile number.
  • To enable two factor authentication.

The Virtual Home service can be accessed in the Test Federation ( and Production Federation (


How do I get access to an AAF Virtual Home account?

Virtual Home Administrators Guide

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