The AAF Virtual Home is an Identity Provider run by the AAF where subscriber organisations can create, edit and remove user accounts. This article gives a brief overview of the Australian Access Federation’s Virtual Home. Additional details can be found in the links below.



The AAF Virtual Home is provided for use of AAF subscriber organisations. These organisations are entitled to add user accounts for people associated with the organisations but who are not part of the mainstream collection of staff, students and alumni.


The Virtual Home Organisation (VHO) is a tool for subscriber organisations to issue usernames and passwords to researchers or other collaborators who are not part of the organisation. The organisation is ultimately responsible for the users they add. When a organisation joins the AAF they are provided access to the AAF Virtual home.

The AAF Virtual home provider the following functionality, 

For End Users:

  • This space enables you to manage/update your password
  • Enabled and setup two step verification
  • Displays relevant Institutional Contact information

For Administrators:

  • Add/Edit/Delete Groups
  • Add/Edit/Delete Users
  • Update and Reset Passwords for Users
  • View/Edit a list of Users and their information including contact details, affiliations, shared tokens and access levels
  • Create and Manage Institutional Administrators and then details

The Virtual Home IdP can be accessed directly in the Test environment here and Production environment here.


How do I get access to an AAF Virtual Home account?

End User Guide

Administrator Guide

VHO Administrators