This article relates to the retention of specific services and information that is gathered by your institution and in addition, the Federated services of the Australian Access Federation.


Any user with an institutional login which is connected to an identity provider or accessing a service through the Australian Access Federation or users with Virtual Home Accounts.


To get a copy of our privacy information please visit our website and click on our privacy policy for more information. 

Specific login credentials are always kept securely by your institution or IDP administrator. Ultimately, the data and information that is released to the Australian Access Federation, IDP's and third party service providers is at the sole discretion of the organisation to which you are affiliated. 

The AAF follows strict guides according to local Australian Law and the Australian Privacy Principles. We have strict guidelines which keeps specific metadata and user data completely secure and at no time is this information ever provided to third parties or sold unless required order of an Australian state or Federal court. 


For queries regarding specific data or a particular Service, a user's home institution Service Desk is the best port of call who can provide support or contact details for the Service Provider.