To add, remove and edit accounts you must have administrative privileges of the Organisation that you are managing. If you currently managed an organisation although do not have have sufficient privileges, you will need to contact your organisational administrator. 


Administrative access to the AAF Virtual Home whom, an organisational administrator or organisational staff who have been delegated the responsibility of adding and editing accounts.


There are several ways to search and locate users, the following outlines the basic steps to locate and edit accounts which you or your organisation manages.

1. Login to Virtual home in the Test or Production environment.

2. Select your organisation from the Discovery Service and put in your credentials once prompted.

3. Once logged into the Virtual Home, click on the "Accounts" Tab along the top. Here you will find a list of users which are managed by your organisation as well as a search window on the top right which can also be used to locate the particular user which is going to be modified.

4. Once the user has been located in the list, click on view and their details will be displayed in the next window. 

5. Click on the actions drop down menu on the top right hand corner of the screen and select edit.

6. You will not be able to edit several details about the user including the username. Once the changes are finalised, click update and the process is complete.


Remember to notify users of any changes that are made as they may not be able to log in or use their account without the appropriate details including their username.