Customising a unique welcome message for each group that you manage has several benefits and can include any information that you believe is pertinent or helpful in the signup or new account process. This guide will will give you a step by step guide on how to add or edit this message for groups.


You must have a Virtual Home account with the ability to log in and specific administrative credentials which enabling you to add/edit and remove accounts including groups. If you are unsure or do not have these specific privileges you will need to contact your organisational administrator.


1. Log into the Virtual Home Test or Production environment, select your organisation from the discovery service drop down menu and input your username and password once prompted.

2. Navigate to the "Groups" Tab on the top menu bar and select "View" from the group you wish to add a message too.

3. You will now see several options within the group property settings including the "Welcome Message". Edit and add content to this field to send out a customised message during a new account sign up. Please remember this message is relative only to the group and a new user must be associated with a particular group to receive a customised message.


Please note that users will only receive this customised message when signing up and not during any other process. If you are experiencing any issues within the Virtual Home, please report this to support.