The AAF have been busy to make your account and access to AAF services even more secure. The Virtual Home now supports 2-Step verification which is a secondary security measure used when logging into your VH account. The administrators of your account may enable this for you, or you may wish to opt-in yourself via

Once enabled, signing into your account will work a little differently. In addition to being prompted for your username and password, once every 90 days per browser, you will also be asked for a secure number that will be generated on your smart phone or tablet device (it works similar to one-time-use tokens or SMS alerts that you may have with your bank account). 

Below are instructions for how to download and use 2-Step authentication

Step 1: Download the authenticator application (app) from the app store.

 Download instructions for each app store is below. If you have already downloaded the app, proceed to step 2. 

  •  iPhone: search the App Store for “Google Authenticator” (published by Google, Inc.)
  • Android: search the Play Store for “Google Authenticator” (published by Google, Inc.)
  • Blackberry: search Blackberry World for “Authomator” (published by Pulsecode Inc.)
  • Windows: search Windows Marketplace for “Authenticator” (published by Microsoft Corporation)

Step 2: Open the authenticator app on your device and choose the option to set up a new account
Step 3: Use your device’s camera to scan the on-screen QR code
Step 4: Enter the code displayed in your app when the system/tool prompts you to.

 If you need any further assistance with resetting your 2 step verification code please contact AAF Support