This is a guide for non-university users to access the AURIN portal using the AAF Virtual Home (VH) login. 

The AURIN Portal is free for all staff working at universities or students who enrolled in a university in Australia.They can login using their university credentials. It is also free for all employees of government departments, across all sectors and levels in Australia.

Government employees can sign up for a new account here:  https://aurin.org.au/resources/aurin-portal/signup/ 

When the AURIN administrator has granted you access, you will receive an email to activate your VH account, please follow the steps outlined in the email to setup your VH login.

Once you have setup your AAF VH login, go to the AURIN portal from one of the following links. - http://aurin.org.au/ Or

go straight to the portal - https://portal.aurin.org.au 

When logging into  AURIN Portal, you will be asked to select your institution from the AAF list. 

Select AAF Virtual Home from the drop down list. When doing this you have the option to select ‘Remember my organisation’ so the information is retained for future use. Enter your AAF VH login details and click Login. If you need any further assistance,refer to the attached PDF.