To make changes to identity providers, service providers or organisation within the Federation Registry tool you must first become an administrator for that component.


Organisation is registered  in the AAF  Test or Production Federation.

A service (IdP or Sp) is registered in the  AAF Production/Test Federation.


There are three ways to make this happen:

  1. When you first register a new identity provider, new service provider or new organisation you will be sent an email confirming registration is complete. You need to click on the link in the supplied confirmation email to be made the initial administrator. To claim your administrative access , Navigate to your  service management page and access the administrator tab. Enter the unique code provided below in the box labelled CODE. This can only be used once. Once applied you can then provide access to other administrators on your team.

  2. Look at the administrators currently configured for the component you're interested in, they're listed on the 'Administrators' tab in Federation Registry for your identity provider or service provider. They have the ability to grant you administrative rights. Contact them to have this configured.
  3. If none of the above work please lodge a support request with the AAF support team noting the component you're interested in and why you should have administrative access. We'll need to verify your request through manual channels before we grant your access.


  • The organisation administrators at the organisation level are able to make decisions in workflows such as  approve or reject tasks within workflows concerning components that belong to your organisation. Ideally this would be someone in a position of responsibility who has been delegated such authority by the organisation.
  • The  IdP or SP administrators are able to make technical changes and preventing non technical organisation level administrators from accidentally making changes.