Performing updates, maintenance and making other changes to your service may require restarts and can cause outages as well as service disruptions. It is important to notify the users of a service and forewarn them of any small/medium and long term outage as this may affect users in a multitude of ways.


Must be performing or making changes to an existing service within the AAF listed IDP's/SP's.


End users may be affected by your outage so you will need to advise AAF Support at support@aaf.edu.au 

Please build this step into your existing maintenance or upgrade process.

AAF will update the Federation Registry with the specific details relating to your outage and alert our stakeholders as per our procedure.

Maintenance Notification Form

Date of Outage

Organisation Name:

IDP/SP Name:

Start time and Expected Outage Duration:

Affected Services:

Contact Person/Group:

Reason for Outage: Upgrade/Issue/Standard Maintenance

Permanent Changes/Affects after change:


Successfully complete changes to a service with minimal disruption to end users without incident.


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