Time is running out, upgrade to Shibboleth IdP V3 now!

With the End-of-Life (EOL) of Shibboleth V2 fast approaching (July 31, 2016), the AAF has been working with subscribers to prepare them for the upgrade to V3. In late 2015, the AAF released the IdP Installer which helps Identity Providers (IdPs) setup, configure and upgrade their IdP to Shibboleth V3. The new installer streamlines general maintenance and upgrade work while providing IdPs with:

  • Enhanced Client or Proxy (ECP)
  • simplified branding options
  • a streamlined upgrade path
  • best practice
  • upgrades to the latest version using existing IdP information.


  • Schedule the upgrade of your production IdP to V3 early to avoid running an unsupported version
  • Ensure you upgrade is completed before July 31, 2016
  • Use the AAF IdP Installer to simplify the upgrade work for you and your team.

For more information about the IdP Installer and how to get started with your upgrade, view our self-help resources online:

Contact AAF Support if you would like to discuss your Shibboleth IdP V3 upgrade by emailing support@aaf.edu.au