This article outlines which credentials are typically used to access third party applications and services which your Institution has an affiliation or arranged access. 


You must be affiliated and have Institutional credentials along with appropriate permissions, attributes and access to third party services. If you have Institutional credentials and your Organisation has not allowed you access to any third party services or the Australian Access Virtual Home, you will be unable to access any third party applications. To gain access, please contact your Organisational Institution.


For a user who is a staff member or a student of an institution or an AAF-subscribed organisation
Your username and password will typically be identical to the details you use to authenticate with your home institution or organisation who have subscribed to the AAF.
Use your institution's or organisation's username and password that you would ordinarily use. If you are unable to remember your credentials, password or arel experiencing issues, contact your local organisational IDP administrator who will provide assistance.

For a user who is associated with an institution or organisation, and is NOT a staff member or student but uses the Virtual Home Organisation (VHO)
For users who are associated with institutions or subscribed organisations (but are not staff or students), your username and password may be managed independently via the Virtual Home Organisation (VHO). This account is administered separately by your home institution or subscribed organisation.
Select “AAF Virtual Home” from the Organisation drop down list and use the username and password provided by your Institutional IDP administrator assigned to you. If you were not assigned one or cannot remember your username or password, contact your local Service Desk or Identity Provider (IdP) administrator who will be able to provide more information and access to the services which your organisation has granted you access.

For a user who is not associated with an institution or organisation
Unfortunately users not associated with an institution or AAF-subscriber organisation cannot access services via the AAF. If you collaborate with an institution (See Here), contact the local Service Desk and request access from the Identity Provider administrator.


If you have Institutional credentials, have confirmed access to a third party application although are still unable to gain access with the provided username and password you may have an issue with your account or may not have been delegated the appropriate attributes to access the specific application or service. Please contact your IDP administrator for more information or visit our attributes validator for more information about which credentials your institution is releasing to third party applications.


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