Can ORCID provide a list of researchers who include an affiliation with an institution or register an institutional email address?

ORCID is unable to provide a full listing of those researchers who have ORCID iDs registered with an institutional email address for privacy reasons. When a researcher creates their ORCID record, their email address is private by default. Only publicly visible email addresses are searchable with the following, using ORCID and as examples:* 

OR by organisation name:"ORCID".

There are methods for retrieving a list of researchers who include a public affiliation, several are available here

A form to submit requests to ORCID to provide the total number of researchers who have registered and use an institutional email address is available at the bottom of this page. For accuracy, ORCID recommends that researchers self-report their ORCID ID to their institution, and institutions provide a mechanism to capture ORCID IDs.

How many researchers at an institution have ORCID iDs?

There are several ways to find out how many researchers from an institution have an ORCID iD. The information will not be accurate since it only counts those researchers who enable public visibility on their record. A researcher has full control over their ORCID record and which components are available publicly.

ORCID provides APIs which retrieve data from

  • searches on Email (institution email),
  • searches on Name and DOI,
  • searches on institution affiliation.

To search using the above parameters visit the ORCID site for more information:

In addition to the above search options, institutions can request a report from ORCID that will detail the total number of records which include an specific institutional email domain, but not any details on the records. The form can be found at the bottom of the page of the link:"ORCID""ORCID"