The contact information in the federation mainly used to enable the effective communication between AAF subscribers/participants on various technical issues,  when user encounter issues, when AAF releases software updates or when a security incident occurs etc.

There are mainly two levels of contacts listed in the federation registry,  organisation level, and IdP/SP level. Organisation level contacts are responsible for all the services registered under the organisation whereas IdP/SP level contacts are responsible for a particular service.

What are the different contact types and are the roles associated with each type?

Contact Type
 Organisational Role  
A contact in an administrative role that deals with the non-technical issues For e.g: Name changes, changes to the service description
Contact within the organisation who deals with the invoices, subscriptions etc. For e.g  finance person or accountant
PA to the Primary Representative
Personal Assistant to the nominated Primary Representative
Primary Representative
A confirmed authoritative representative of the organisation for e.g: CEO, Director of IT/CIOs etc, someone who is authorised to sign AAF forms on behalf of the organisation.
Product and Service Manager
A contact within the organisation who is responsible for the service for e.g:  Team Leader / Manager of Identity team
A contact within the organisation responsible for technical implementation of the service. Used primarily for communication between participants on technical issues.
The end-user support team within the organisation. Will be used to direct users of the service to the enduser support team.
Security Contact*
A  contact within the organisation that handle the security incidents in their organisation.
Other contacts

NOTE: Contact types published in metadata is indicated by a * next to it.