The AAF stores the following subscriber contact information to enable effective communication with subscribers and their representatives on various operational and technical issues, on software updates, or when a security incident occurs.

There are two groups of subscriber contacts: organisational and technical.

  • organisational contacts are responsible for contracts, billing and service approval decisions, and
  • technical contacts manage service registrations and connection to the federation.

From December 2020, a subset of contact information will move from the Federation Manager to the AAF’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. To receive or update contact information in the CRM, send a request to the Operations Team at 

The following table outlines the contacts, their roles and in which system the AAF stores information.

Contact TypeOrganisational RoleService
Administrative*A contact in an administrative role that handles non-technical issues, e.g. name changes, changes to the service description. AAF CRM
BillingContact within the organisation that handles invoices, subscriptions, etc, e.g finance person or accountant. AAF CRM
PA to the Primary RepresentativePersonal Assistant to the nominated Primary Representative. AAF CRM
Primary RepresentativeA confirmed authoritative representative of the organisation, who has authority to sign AAF forms and subscriptions on behalf of the organisation, e.g. CEO, CIO, IT Director. AAF CRM
CISO or 2IC A confirmed authoritative representative, appointed by the Primary Representative, who has authority to sign AAF forms and subscriptions on behalf of the organisation, e.g. CISO, Associate Director, Deputy Director.AAF CRM
Product and Service ManagerA contact within the organisation who is responsible for the service e.g. Team Leader, Manager of Identity Team.AAF CRM
Technical*A contact within the organisation responsible for technical implementation of the service. Primarily for communication on technical issues.Federation Manager
Support*The end-user support team or help desk within the organisation. For the AAF to direct users of the service to the end user support team.Federation Manager
Security Contact*A contact within the organisation responsible for security incidents in the organisation.Federation Manager 
OtherOther contacts.

Those contact types with an asterisk (*) will appear in federation metadata.