When users trying to access rapid connect receiving the following error.

//Session Error//
//Unfortunately some important details were not provided by your
organisation when you logged in.//
//This is a backend technical issue and has not been caused by any
action you've taken. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.//
//AAF support is available to assist in resolving this error in
partnership with technical staff at your organisation. Please contact
AAF support on //support@aaf.edu.au//, and provide a copy of the data
shown below so we can assist as quickly as possible.//
//----- begin halted session details ------//
//Date: 2016-04-05 05:38:09 +0000//
//Rapid Connect Version: 1.4.0//
Target: {}
:cn=>" Test user", :display_name=>"", :given_name=>"Test",
:surname=>"user", :mail=>"user@students.edu.au",
:principal_name=>"1234567@example.edu.au", :scoped_affiliation=>"", :o=>"",


User see this error when IdP is not passing all the required attributes. In this case IdP is not passing the value for displayName for this user.

The rapid connect authentication process will check whether all the required user attributes are supplied before passing onto the end service.


Contact the IdP admin and verify that IdP is configured to release all the required attributes.