At the end of April 2018, we will be replacing our old AAF Federation Metadata source with a new more secure source. This will be for both the Test and Production AAF Federation environments. This will impact all Federation IdPs and SPs that rely on this metadata.

The new, more secure metadata source is already available and ready for migration for all Federation IdPs and SPs in both the Test and Production environments.

The AAF has provided a number of simple guides with migration steps that you need to follow. These guides provide information that will ensure your IdP and SP continue to function after the old federation metadata is turned off.

Who needs to migrate?

Only SAML based IdPs and SPs that are currently consuming the old AAF federation metadata from https://ds.[test.]aaf.edu.au/distribution need to migrate.

This change is not required for services connected with Rapid Connect, Central (OpenID Connect) or VerifID. - not impacted 

All IdPs that have upgraded to IdP v3.x using the AAF IdP Installer are not impacted by this change – you have already migrated. 

More details about the new AAF Federation metadata can be found at:

If you have any issues or questions about the upgrade, please email us at support@aaf.edu.au