These eduGAIN Power Tools are also available in the eduGAIN wiki.

eduGAIN Entities Database
Obtain a list of all SPs or IdPs in eduGAIN, or look up metadata of a particular entity and export to a CSV file.
eduGAIN IsFederated Check
Find out which organisations are federated and in eduGAIN. List all organisations in eduGAIN, including organisations in H&S federations.
eduGAIN Connectivity Check
Automatically check all IdPs in eduGAIN and if they are properly   "connected" to eduGAIN by initiating a login once a day and  publishing the results
eduGAIN Access Check
Allows an SP administrator to perform logins to their own service with a range of test identities with different attribute profiles - e.g. staff, student, researcher, with umlauts, etc.
eduGAIN Metadata Validator
Check and validate metadata using the eduGAIN Metadata profile rules and recommendations, as well as some good practice rule sets.
eduGAIN Code of Conduct Monitor
Shows the status of all SPs that carry the GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct entity category. Also sends emails to admins in case their SP violates one of the CoCo rules.
eduGAIN Database Access API
Comprehensive REST/JSON API to query the eduGAIN Entities Database. Other tools in this list rely on this API. Requires an API key for some operations.

eduGAIN Attribute Release Check
Test IdP attribute release conformance: attribute request fulfillment and superfluous attribute release against REFEDS R&S and GÉANT DPCC.