The AAF Virtual Home (VH) is an identity provider service run by the AAF on behalf of subscriber organisations. The VH identity provider participates in the Federation and provides almost the same access for its accounts as any other federation identity provider. Subscriber organisations create and manage user accounts for their external members and industry partners. These user accounts enable industry partners to collaborate with research institutions, universities and other subscribers of the federation and share resources accessible via the AAF or eduGAIN service. 

Responsibility for the users and groups within a VH organisation remain solely with an organisation's Authorising Officer. All users agree to abide by the Federation Rules when they accept a VH invitation. Administrators are accountable for satisfactory management of users and groups; and ensuring users adhere to the Federation Rules.

The users of the accounts created and managed through VH should select AAF Virtual Home as the organisation which will process their credentials when accessing Federation services. Ideally, these users would not have an account in the subscribing institution’s dedicated Identity Provider. 


The AAF VH service is for those users who collaborate with AAF subscribing institutions but are not directly affiliated or members of those institutions. The AAF subscribing organisation with which a user collaborates will enrol the user when they request a VH account. Please note that there is a limit of one VH account per person. Please contact the AAF subscribing organisation to arrange a VH account. The subscribing organisation’s IT help desk should be able to direct your request. For any issues locating the appropriate organisation administrator, please contact the AAF at who may be able to locate someone suitable.

For a current list of AAF subscribing organisations visit:

Users who are given an AAF VH account can use the VH service to change or reset their password, update their mobile number and enable their two-factor authentication configuration. To access the user dashboard visit and select Login to my account


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