The AAF strongly recommends that deployers and developers work with the latest versions of the Shibboleth software. The latest stable point releases address security vulnerabilities, the resolution of bugs and fixes and avoids iteration over resolved issues. Log files and level of logging provide good indicators which assist in troubleshooting issues.


The Shibboleth Wiki is an excellent source of both configuration and troubleshooting information. The troubleshooting guides do require some understanding of the product configuration and how the identity provider and service provider components interact with a user web browser. This general knowledge will assist in pinpointing common issues. 

The Shibboleth Wiki article on Troubleshooting the Identity Provider is a good starting point to begin resolving issues with the Service Provider software


The AAF Support Portal is also an excellent reference for AAF specific configuration options.

The following list, copied verbatim from the Shibboleth Wiki, presents a few errors commonly encountered by deployers, usually when initially setting up their Identity Provider version 4.


Shibboleth Consortium Wiki

Shibboleth Identity Provider v3 Troubleshooting

IdP 4 Troubleshooting