The AAF has developed a new version of the AAF Shibboleth IdP installer for Shibboleth version 4. The installer will aid you in upgrading your on-premise IdP through a migration from your old server to a new server. It will NOT do an in-place upgrade of your existing IdP(1). We have done this deliberately to allow us to introduce new features of the IdP without being burdened by old and  deprecated configuration!

The Shibboleth IdP Installer automates the install of version 4 for the Shibboleth IdP on a dedicated running the following operating systems

  • Redhat version 7 or 8 
  • CentOS version 7, 8 or Stream (Note: AAF recommends using Stream only in test environments)
  • Ubuntu version 20.04 

Before starting please ensure your server meets the the minimum system requirements.

For both new installs and migrations from version 3, please start here.

(1) Shibboleth v4 Upgrade Path Recommendations

AAF Rapid IdP

Need a secure, highly available and feature rich Identity Provider solution this is running version 4 of Shibboleth?

Contact the AAF about Rapid IdP today.