The eduPersonOrcid is an attribute that holds a user's ORCID (See: Most Australian Universities will have an ORCID integration allowing the University to augment a users ORCID record. This is usually done via the Research management software (Pure, Symplectic, etc).

The AAF is asking IdPs to provide users ORCID as an attribute if all of the following are true;
  1. The university has an ORCID integration and collects user's ORCIDs
  2. The university has an internal integration that results in the user's ORCID being added to the user's identity information in their identity store, e.g. OKTA, AZURE AD, Active Directory, etc
  3. The university can release the ORCID from its identity store to services that request it.
  4. The user has registered for an ORCID and it has been collected by their university. 
Most have 1 and 4 under control, few have done mush on 2 or 3 which is fine, and you are still compliant wrt the eduPersonOrcid attribute.

We will probably run a campaign in the 2022 requesting Universities look at doing 2 and 3.

In the end this will help service providers provide an improved user experience when they are dealing with users ORCIDs.