List of contact information for users seeking assistance with a identity login specific issue.


You must have an affiliation with an institution and are seeking credentials for access to services or have valid credentials that are affiliated with an institution or organisation which is connected to the Australian Access Federation or Virtual Home. If you are unsure if you have valid credentials or weather or not your organisation has an affiliation with AAF or attached service providers, please contact your local administrator.

If your organisation is not currently connected to the AAF Federation and you would like to access a specific service, please contact your local administrator or identity provider with the relevant information so we may provide more information in regards to joining the Federation and it's affiliated services.


The  first point of contact is your local service desk. For example, if you are a student at the University of Queensland, you should contact the general phone number or email address and they will be able to redirect you accordingly.

If you are a member of an organisation that is affiliated with eduGAIN please contact your local identity provider to assess weather they assert the necessary requirements to access services through the Australian Access Federation.

If you are unsure or unable to contact any person within your organisation or identity provider administrator, please contact AAF support to get more information about the affiliation of your institution and a relevant contact person.


AAF Support