If you are unable to access a service that is usually available and usable by your member organisation or with the credentials that has an affiliation to the Australian Access Federation it may be down for maintenance or experiencing a temporary issue. These steps will help identify if the service you are trying to access is down or unavailable.


Institutional or affiliated credentials which are used to authenticate to a third party service provider which has an established connection or service with your member organisation.


Institutions, Identity Providers or Service Providers (who are subscribed to the AAF) occasionally take systems or services offline for upgrades or maintenance. Outages are usually between a few minutes to a few hours long and usually occur during off-peak times. If the service is provided internationally then the outage may occur during business hours due to time zone differences.

You can view the status of a service or system using the monitoring page: https://status.aaf.edu.au
If there is a planned outage for a particular service, a message will appear at the top of your screen. If this is the case, please be patient while the system undergoes maintenance.

If there is no message or any service or system is UNAVAILABLE, DOWN or coloured RED, please contact your local Service Desk who will contact your IdP administrator within your institution or organisation or the AAF for assistance.


AAF Status Page

AAF Test Federation Status Page