When accessing a third party service during authentication, you will likely be accustomed to an AAF identification window with a dropdown list of providers which you are able to choose from or find your current home or organisational institution. Typically this window will appear when trying to Access the Australian Access Federation Virtual Home or a third party service which you typically authenticate using organisational credentials to access.  


An institutional account and access to a third party application or service provider. If you have an institutional account and no listed service to which you have access or a service without proper credentials you will be unable to access any services. To find a list of services your institutional services your organisation has give you access too, please contact your organisational or identity provider administrator.


If you are familiar with the following window, or use something similar to authenticate to a third party service and can no longer view you organisation, you may need to contact your Identity Provider Administrator:

Your Identity Provider (IdP) is typically your home institution or organisation, or if you collaborate with an institution, it will be “AAF Virtual Home”. When trying to access an AAF-connected service, select your IdP from the drop down list and enter the username and password you use when you authenticate yourself .Occasionally some Services do not display your institution or organisation on the login page. This is due to a number of reasons but you should report this to your local Service Desk who can contact the Service Provider for assistance.

Contact your local Service Desk within your institution or organisation who will contact the Service Provider (SP) or the AAF for assistance.


List of institutions