This guide will assist you in testing your institutional, federated or Virtual Home login and get an up to date snapshot of your attributes which are released on behalf of your organisation.


An institutional login which is Federated or connected to third party services through the Australia Access Federation. Please keep in mind that institutions who have a connection to the AAF may not allow access to all account types such as: staff, students and alumni and would be prudent to check which services your account or institutional login entitles you too.


If you are receiving an error while trying to access a service, may be due to incorrect attributes being released from your organisational IdP. The AAF have developed a tool, called the AAF Attribute Validator, which allows you to see your own attributes and check for potential problems.

The  tool is available here:

Production Validator 

This information can assist Service Desk Staff or Administrators in determining the cause of your issues, or to find relevant account details. For example, the administrator may need to know your shared token for authorisation purposes.

This can also be used by Service Providers for testing purposes. The Test Attribute Validator is located here: 

Test Validator 


Please note that each snapshot will differer and is dependent on the specific institution, which attributes they release and your specific affiliation with that institution. If you do not have the correct access or you believe some of your attributes are incorrect or missing, please contact your Identity Provider Administrator or Institution to rectify the issue. If you are seeing an error when attempting to log in or are unable to get a snapshot of your credentials will generally indicate some kind of error releasing these attributes or core (required) attributes which may be missing or not provided.


Detailed information about attributes used in the AAF

Overview of the AAF Core attributes

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