To update or maintain administrator or technical contacts in Federation Registry (FR) you must be an administrator for your organisation. If you don’t have credentials or administrative control for your organisation or service in FR, contact AAF Support support@aaf.edu.au



  • Organisation is registered in the AAF Test or Production Federation.
  • A service (IdP or SP) is registered in the AAF Production/Test Federation.


Steps to update the technical contacts for your service

  1. Navigate to Federation Registry
  2. Login via your home organisation’s Identity Provider or via AAF Virtual home
  3. Once logged in, select the Organisation you have administrative privileges for.
  4. Select the ‘Contact’ tab and perform the necessary user management activities. 



To add a new contact:

  • Use the ‘Add Contact’ button to search for an existing contact (as shown below).


 Graphical user interface, application

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  • Or create a new contact by using the ‘Contacts’ tab option on the top of the dashboard.


Graphical user interface, website

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