Your organisation is responsible for complying with the AAF Federation Rules and you need to be aware of the rules and the responsibilities that apply to your organisation.

Organisation’s must assert compliance against the AAF Federations Rules for each service it operates in the federation.

How do I find the services registered for my organisation?

AAF offers several options to connect your service to the federation technically. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, but the choice will really depend on the type of application.


Type of services 

  1. SAML -  use SAML protocols which are implemented using Shibboleth or SimpleSAMLphp as open source options.
  2. Rapid Connect - uses JSON Web tokens to provide authentication
  3. OIDC- provides an OpenID Connect bridge to the federation IdPs, officially the service is called ‘AAF Central’.


The Identity Providers and SAML Service providers

The Federation Registry (FR) is the tool that AAF use to manage the IdPs and SAML services. AAF members can login and access the services via the FR dashboard.   

  • To find your services in the FR , go to and click the ‘ Welcome - Please Login ‘ button. Access is available via your home organisation’s Identity provider or via the Virtual Home identity provider.
  • Once logged in, select the organisation for which you have administrative rights.
  • Select the Identity Providers or the Service Providers tab to see the services registered under your organisation.



Example: Dashboard view of an Organisation’s Service Providers list.

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To update the technical contacts in the Federation Registry, see the knowledgebase article on how to update the technical contacts   

If you don’t have credentials or administrative control of your organisation or service in the Federation Registry, contact the AAF Support Team to resolve the access issue. 


AAF Monitoring Tool

To view all the services (IdPs, SAML SPs, Rapid Connect) connected to your organisation, visit AAF status page   click the’ Organisations’ tab and then select your organisation. 



Example: AAF Organisation Status View


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OIDC Services (AAF Central)

There is no service management interface or self-service options available for registering or managing the OIDC services currently.  

Please contact AAF Support for all  OIDC service requests and  to get the list of the current OIDC services.